Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas has come and gone again! Le sigh...

We had a nice relaxing  Christmas Eve. Rem made a huge pan of cheese ziti, and it was de-lish. Then the 3 of us watched Elf, which I think Tyson enjoyed. Mostly because he never gets to watch good TV...just Number Time, or "Peep", as he likes to call it, on Netflix. 

We then attempted to read the Nativity story from the bible, which was mostly me yelling at Tyson to "pay attention dang it, we are learning about JESUS!!!"

It was good fun.

Christmas morning was great. We enjoyed a lazy time at home opening presents and eating yummy breakfast-esque food. 

Horsey was a huge hit from Nana and Papa Cizmas.
Who would have thought there was
another saw out there for Remington to own?

Later Christmas Day, we went and saw Les Mis (which was great by the way). I've never seen so many Atwood's cry in one sitting. To be honest, it was kind of embarrassing. Like, pull yourself together, embarrassing.

Then off to Joe and Kati's for some yummy Gyro's and JCW's fries. Yes please.

I'll leave you all to admire our beautiful family Christmas card. Hot family, no?

I made it extra-large, so it is impossible to miss our beautiful-ness.
Thanks Lauren!