Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh no you don't Lauren

Lauren thinks she can just hog all of the attention, announcing her pregnancy like she's the only one who's ever conceived a child. Well I've got news for her...she's NOT.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm cut out for another one of these.
But then I try to remember that sometimes he's actually cute, like when he feeds the chickens at grandma's house.

So if Lauren announces that she is pregnant with twins, you better believe my next post will be about the miracle sextuplets I've got baking in my womb.

I'm due February 2nd.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brittany H. Blackhurst

Oh Brittany, my hero in life.

This is a month or so late, but Brittany Hallewell got married in June! Here are some pictures from her bridal shower at my house. This was literally hours before we boarded our flight for Turkey, but all in all the stress level was pretty low. Jules did a great job with the party, and I loved seeing everyone.

 Here are Jules and Nancy, one of my favorite ladies in the world. 
 "So I says to him, "GET YOUR OWN MONKEY!""
 Bridget is always the life.
Bridger's, Britt, and I. LOVED hanging out with them, just like nothing's ever changed.

Even though Britt decided to get married the DAY we got home from our trip, and we missed the festivities, and I'll hate her forever for it, I AM happy for them. Congrats guys!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gobble Gobble!!!

Who wants to see pictures from our Turkey trip? Whoa, whoa, one at a time people! Yes, we went to Turkey a few weeks back and I am finally getting a post up of the trip. Brace yourself for excitement.

 Attempt #1
 And Weston, schooling both of us
 They sure love Ataturk, their old Prez. No this is not him, just a guard at his tomb.
 Here is a shrine built in his honor in Ankara
 The group with Ender our guide, and Adil, our driver. Check out that thick, Turkish stache.
 Weston, taking advantage of his lankiness to stretch out on an airport bench.
 Blue Mosque at night
 Haggia Sophia
 Shoes off in church
 Infidel women must cover their hair. 
 Grand Bazaar
 Spice market, I tried to take artsy pictures.

 Rem pointing to the Bosporus 
 Underground water cistern.
 A particularly exhausting day, Good thing I am such a trooper and complaining is not in my vocabulary. Whining is.

 Joe educating us in Haggia Sophia
 Caption unnecessary 

 In the city of Troy, one of my favorite stops on the trip.

 Our balcony view of the Dardanelles in Cannakale.
 Even Turks are obsessed with Disney.
 This is the Trojan Horse that was used in the movie "Troy". It was donated to the city after the movie was completed. Here we are messing each other up pretty good. Joe is just kind of taking it. 
 Rem, destroying ancient artifacts


 This is the House of the Virgin Mary. It is believed by some that this home was where John brought Mary after the death of Christ, and where she lived the rest of her life. Ephesus is just a few miles away, and that is where John went to preach after Christ. 
 These were so cool. This is Pammukale, natural hot springs that deposit lime as it trickles down the mountain, creating tons of these little white pools. It was like a million degrees here. But remember what I said earlier about complaining.
 Caravanserai (Medieval Truck Stop...Minus creepy truckers) along the silk road
 Being sacrelig in the Cappadocia cave church. This is where monasteries started.

 We paid a guy to let me sit up here. Worth it.

The boys climbing into the cave city attic. 

Bored yet? Those are just a few of our little adventures. Fun fact... Turkey is in both Europe and Asia, so we spent our vacation in both. We all had a great time. 

I did however miss this little man.
We tried to check him in our luggage as you can see, but that came with a hefty amount of prison time. So we opted to leave him with Lauren and my Mom. Aka, Nana and Papa. Thanks again by the way guys. 

Also, my dad taught him to walk while we were gone, so check that milestone off of our list of things to witness.