Friday, November 15, 2013


I know you've all missed me (Sister Lunn), but I am back, AND committed (until I forget again).

A few weeks back our house was actually broken into, and our beloved blogging machine (aka, our computer machine) was taken, along with our nativity set and bedspread. These were very specific criminals. I believe they just wanted a bit of Christmas cheer, a nice warm blanket, and a way to check their e-mail and watch Netflix.

Very specific things.

Anywho, we now have another computer machine, so let the fun begin!

A taste of what's to come...

1. Bridge's Baby Shower
2. 4 Years of Wedded Bliss
3. We Won the Lottery
4. Rem charged for Rigging the Lottery
5. Rem Charged With Murder
6. Yummy Whole Wheat Naan Recipe

As you can see, it has been hella busy around here. Remember when people used to say "hella" all the time? I don't' think I've ever actually used that word, but it just felt right.

So check back in a month or two for a post that will knock your socks off. But don't hold me to it, seriously.