Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

So not to brag, but our weekend was fun. We called Rem's brother Doug around Wednesday and asked if we could come up to Boise to hang out for the weekend, and they of course said sure. Who wouldn't want to hang out with us? We are oozing with "coolness".

They then informed us that they were actually staying in a cabin in McCall for the weekend.. Ummm, yes please.

Anyway, it was awesome, and the cabin was beautiful. We drove to some off the shizzle hot springs that Tyson loved. We ate non-stop (which is why my diet starts today...tomorrow for sure...and if not tomorrow, Monday's are always a good starting day. I mean, I don't want to ruin my weekend. Hey readers, GET OFF MY BACK).

And since I am awful at taking pictures for posterity, here are a few pictures that I forced us to take an hour before we left. The only ones we really have. Good thing we all look so good.

 I know Rem's eyes are closed in this. But we only had two shots, and I looked awful in the other one. And since I am posting, eyes closed it is.

 Rem wins the award for finding the best skipping rocks.
 Tonia and Kenner, looking very J Crew.
 I told Rem to look pensive.
 Atwood man shot.
I wish I could say the car ride was all bliss and cuteness like this, but it was not. I still love my T-Rex though.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What happens in Vegas...

...is not nearly as exciting as you would think. 

Rem worked in Dallas this week (which, by the way was his last trip, thanks to the new job he starts on Monday), so I decided that he wasn't going to be having all the fun in this relationship. So I booked a flight to Vegas with Tyse and stayed with Lauren and Cambo for a few days. Thanks guys, by the way. The air mattress was perfectly pumped.

It was A-to-the...WESOME. Or something like that.

We went to the splash park, the pool, Shark Reef, Jack in the Box. It was all 1st class treatment from start to finish.

We also watched quite a bit of hoarders while scarfing down Zone Bars and Cheez-its...and by "we", I mostly mean me. I'm not saying Lauren can't put some major food down though. Cause wowzers. 

She can.

 If you've ever seen My Name Is Earl, Landon is Earl when it comes to taking pictures.

Splash Park

I was trying to get a cutesy picture of baby feet, like other people always do. 
Eh. Overrated. 
My feet are just as cute, and I can hold them still longer to get the shot. 

After he started giving me lip.

Pop Pop and Gangy


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just try not to get FOMO

We hung out with some of my old France friends Friday. It was fun, to say the least. We missed some key players of course, but I assure you all, you were all there in spirit. We reminisced a lot about les bonnes vieux jours (Jocelyn, don't rip that apart grammatically...we all know it's wrong).

The original plan was camping up Provo Canyon, but it was chili, and well, we're wimpy. So tin-foil dinners in the driveway it was!

 Starring Ape
Others include, Remington, Trevor, Andrew, Tyson, and Bridget. All, like really fun extras.
This shindig included a pinata, courtesy of April. Because you can't have a fire pit without a pinata. 
Just ask any avid outdoors-men
Tyson eating our 4th course, corn on the cob. 
 Odd couple pictures...
-Enter FOMO-

It was a good time.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bath-time pictures are cute, and you know it

I just figured I should put a picture of T-Rex up so the grandparents can get what they really want out of this blog. Babies. Naked babies.

That was not supposed to sound creepy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sprinkler Saturday

This house has been a construction site for a majority of the time we've lived in it. But we are winding down on the inside makeover, and have finally begun to pay attention to the yard.

 A few weeks ago we rented a bobcat and leveled out the yard, and last weekend, we had a barrage of wonderful people come over and help us with our sprinkler system. You know who you are and Gracias...or maybe I should say Merci, seeing as half of you were the Frenchies.

Anywho, here a few pictures of our slave labor!

 Macho stuff here

 Christy baking the fetus

Rem looking hot covered in mud. If he actually did work for Deloitte, maybe we could've paid someone to do this for us. But I've never been one to complain.

We didn't quite finish, but got a TON done! Maybe now we won't be "the hillbillies on the corner with the awful concrete yard." I'm the only one who actually says that, but it gets old criticizing yourself like that.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yeah, so this is happening

Mostly due to boredom this Monday afternoon, I have ambitiously begun a blog. Tyson and I were just talking and have decided, after years of internal debate as to whether or not this was something I could handle, that we'd give this a shot.

I'm told all the cool kids are doing it. And just like alcohol and PCP, I know that blogging won't do me wrong either.

The goal is to acquire double digit followers. I know what you're thinking. "Whoa, slow down Tams! It can't be done." Well, my motto is "Go big, or just go ahead and quit blogging. No one is reading it anyway."

Wish me luck.
Life updates to follow...