Monday, December 17, 2012

Sant-y Clause!

We decided to give old St. Nick a try this year. Last year we made an attempt at the Dickens' Festival in Salt Lake, but they wanted our next born in return for an actual picture with the man.

We declined.

This year he came to our local library! And the convenience of it all was TRULY a
Christmas miracle.

Waiting in line, looking handsome.
Hold up, wait a second. Who is this?
Mom? MOM?
 All in all, not that traumatic for the young buck.

Later, we went home and made some gingerbread-men. Tyson thought it was just an M&M eating contest.
 By the time he got to eat the actual cookie, he was pretty sugared-out, I think.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanksgiving/Mitchell's Home

Not necessarily in that order.

We had a Turkey Feast with all the fixins' thanks to Cambo and some other vital helpers. This was the 1st Thanksgiving feast I have ever hosted, and if I do humbly say so...NAILED IT.

Guys, I made a Turkey.
Oh, and this one's home from Honduras!
They met for the 1st time and really hit it off.
 I'm thinking they are going to be "bromies".
 Is that  a thing? It should be.
And this kid LOVES Papa. Like, loves him.
Sorry Nana. You're a chick. Not cool.
Also, Lauren helped.